Natural Processes in Textile Art : signed copy - book

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This is Alice's first book for a major publisher, featuring many of the techniques she uses in her work and including the work of 10 other international textile artists. Get your signed copy directly from the author.

More and more textile artists are using natural processes in their work, from dyeing with rust to working with found and scavenged items, and this book is the first to bring these increasingly popular techniques together. It promotes a way of working creatively with what is close at hand, whether gathered on walks by the seashore or collected in your garden, and working in tune with natural processes, bringing the rhythms and unpredictability of nature into your work. Examples of this type of working include rust dyeing embroidered fabric to give it a natural patina, dyeing with gathered leaves or seaweed, weaving with beachcombed fibre and printing with found objects. In all of this work nature is directly harnessed to make its mark. The book is illustrated with the finest examples of contemporary embroidery and textile-art work using nature, by artists whose practice is tied up with their experience of and respect for the natural environment, often capturing a very strong sense of place and a feeling of calmness and contemplation.

Published by Batsford 2015.