49 Beer Bottle Tops


Textile artwork with embedded found metal objects, hand stitch, rust and tannin staining.

Small found objects collected whilst walking are stitched around and over; trapping, covering and embedding them with hand stitch between layers of cloth. The resulting pieces are then exposed to the chemical action of tea. The resulting stains on the surrounding cloth and stitch develops with no further intervention. This is slow mark-making, which explores the potential of the everyday discarded object.

This piece and its companion '76 Hair Grips' were created for Meticulous Stitchers exhibition in 2015, then went on to tour Europe as part of European Art Quilts Grand Finale.

Art work measures 50cm x 50cm and is framed in an off-white wooden frame without glass.

If you wish to purchase this piece please contact me to discuss payment and shipping options.