Image of Severn Marks #29
  • Image of Severn Marks #29
  • Image of Severn Marks #29

Severn Marks #29


Alice's 'Severn Marks' series of small hand-woven pieces with natural staining formed part of her 2016-17 exhibition Findings.

Metal objects gathered from the Severn Estuary, South West UK, were used to make graphic marks on hand-woven linen 'blanks'.

"Mixed in with the silky estuarine mud is debris and rubbish carried and abandoned by water: downstream by river, upstream by in-coming tide. Mattress springs, hinges, reinforcing this-that-and-the-other, fixings, bolts, wires, an old saw. The surface of these metal objects is a crumbling mixture of iron oxide and mud. They are fragile, but their chemistry can make a mark onto cloth. Surrounded by fibre, warm and wet, embedded for a while, aided by tannins, they leave an image ass if they have been lifted from firm mud where they have rested."
(extract from 'Findings', 2016)

Severn Marks #29 measures 4.5 cm x 14.5 cm.
Each piece is mounted on foam board for stability and comes with a pair of entomology pins for mounting (as they were presented in Findings exhibition).
Please contact Alice to enquire about having this piece framed.